Friday, 16 May 2008

The Harris Matrix & Nudibranchs

Yesterday a link on my new course forum directed us to download Principles of Archaelogical Stratigraphy by Dr Edward Harris, which has been out of print for ages and was expensive when it was in print. The author decided that it should be freely available to anyone who wanted it. I'm not sure I'm going to read a book entirely about archaeological stratigraphy, but it does have a short chapter on geological stratigraphy, so that, at least, should be interesting.

You have to fill in a box saying exactly why you want it, but I assumed it was one of those online forms that nobody ever reads. However, this morning I find an email from Dr Harris wishing me luck on my course, hoping I'll enjoy his book and sending a bunch of pictures. One of him and his book, one of the first stratigraphic sequence ever done in archaeology and the view from his house - he lives in Bermuda, so his view is pretty special. Very bizarre.

Although not as bizarre as one of the links I had on my Google Reader today. The National Geographic seems to think that I need to start my day with Nudibranchs. In case you've never seen a Nudibranch before here's a pair:

Nudibranch Gallery. I think my favourite is probably Chromodoris annae, so cute and blue and stripey. Although the expression on the face of Bornella anguilla is adorable and just asking to be made into a LOLnudibranch!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Blog Readability Test

I did this back in February and it came back as "Elementary School". I must have used a few bigger words since then!

blog readability test

Movie Reviews


New course. Doesn't actually start officially until Saturday, but the books arrived last Tuesday so I've been stuck in for a week. Started my ECA yesterday as well, go me and my enthusiasm.

The course is based round three excavation sites. One is Tell es-Sa'idiyeh, which is a bugger to pronounce and one is "Wetwang Woman", which is far too amusing. Still, so far so good.

It's also a course that will count towards the GeoScience degree, so it's nice to be doing something 'proper' again after all that Leonardo da Vinci crap.