Thursday, 5 July 2007

New Kit

This summer school, and the potential weather conditions, is really tempting me into buying new stuff. I know I need a new pair of trousers, but surfing the Millets website is trying to convince me that I need a new fleece to act as a midlayer. It's probably right as I don't own that sort of layer. I suppose I could do with proper socks to protect my feet from all that evil rain.

But is my backpack suitable? It's only a tiny one that packs down into an even tinier bag. It's worked for me so far, so there's no real reason to abandon its services now. It can hold all my writing gear and a bottle of water, but can it also hold an upper layer and my lunch? I'm not sure it's up to that.

I'm taking John's rucksack with me to carry my clothes there and back, but it's a bit big for every day use. I've not completely finalised what I'm taking to School with me, but if I get a new day pack then maybe I can pack that instead of John's larger rucksack. Last year I took a big suitcase, but that was a mistake as it was really hard to carry. Lesson learnt, which is why I said this year would be a small case / rucksack combo.

Of course, they suggest that you take all your S260 text books (as well as the SXR260 textbook and gubbins) and you have to take your maps. Not to mention the coathangers and towels (made a mistake there last year as well, you need more towel surface area than you'd think in a week, not the same as being at home). I've transfered all my textbooks to a third bag, if they go into my suitcase I'll never be able to pick it up!

I think tonight needs to be a pre-packing session, just to see how much space all this will take up. I would take half what I need and a bottle of travel wash, but somehow I doubt they'll have their heating on in July. I'm ready for cold rooms and no way of drying stuff.

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