Monday, 24 September 2007

NOT the Eye of God!

My dear friend sent me another of those bloody awful totally useless emails today where you have to pass it on to six people otherwise bad things will happen blah, blah, blah...

Today's mail has had me seething worse than usual because of its use of this:

This is the Helix Nebula, and yes, it is made of awesome*. However it is not, I repeat NOT, the Eye of God. The mail was also full of creationist bollocks, which I am not going to be repeating and I am very afraid that I ranted back at her. She really should know better that to c.c. me into those mails. I've told her before not to spam me or chain letter me, but the god-bothering ones are really annoying. Yes, I'm sure I have an Angel** watching over me and I'm sure every week is Friendship Week. Meh.

I normally just ignore them, but this one was a little too much. I might be hating the Planetary Science course, but that doesn't mean I suddenly hate space and nebulas.

* and also made of gaseous material shed from a dying star...
**If they look like David Boreanaz they can watch all they want!

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