Friday, 4 January 2008


There. I've spent two hours doing questions in the online pratice ECA. I managed to get the questions on statistical hypothesis testing pretty much right just by dipping into the book and plucking out the bits that came up. However, going back over stuff I've done in months gone by is proving a little more annoying. I thought I'd got a grip on trig, but apparently I haven't. All of the wrong answers stem from dumb arse mistakes that I shouldn't be making*, but I'm sure that if this was a hand written assignment, rather than one that is all done on the computer, I'd probably pass it based on picking up extra points for using correct equations and laying things out in the right way.

All through the science courses they always say in the assignments that you ahve to show your workings, which I have always done and I've always had comments about neatness and picked up marks for being on the right track / using correct equations etc, even when final answers have been wrong. Those half marks do add up and they just aren't available here. Ah well, won't pass it through bitching!

Besides, Leonardo has arrived and I really want to rip it open and check its contents. In fact, bugger this frakking maths, I'm moving on to Leo for the rest of the day!

*using the decimal answer in a calculation rather than changing it into scientific notation before moving on

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