Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Of Fossils & Chocolate...

I've been watching the Fossil Detectives on BBC4, which is quite interesting and definitely pitched by the Beeb/OU at Level 1, but I also ordered the Field Guide that accompanies the series and it's full of brilliant diagrams and helpful timelines. Perfect for revision.

Still reading the extremely cute blog by "Tym the Trilobite"

The market is still selling trilobites, but they're getting pricier. Lots of phacops, no more calymene (I don't have one of those) and only one with a gorgeous headshield (paradoxidies again, I'm guessing). He's about three inches long and has perfectly preserved detailing. They didn't know what he was thogh, which is a shame and would put me off buying him. Well, that and the fact that he cost £50! Still, I had just spent £50 in Boots... maybe I should straighten out my priorities and spend my hard-earned monies on fossils instead.

I did find a fabulous ammonite today. Yummy milk chocolatey goodness in Hotel Chocolat.

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