Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Summer School

I haven't posted about my trip to Durham for Summer School yet, I haven't even posted pictures to my LiveJournal, which is odd.

Anyway, as proof that I went, here is a picture of some of my group, in hard hats and standing on rocks!


Rambler said...

Thank you for the response. Obsessive note taking I can do!

I am keeping an open mind on what I intend to specialise in later. Think I am going to follow the Natural Sciences Degree route and all my course choices fit that but I am not unflexible in my choice and hope that S103 will give me a feel for all the different areas and you never know I may prefer another area more then I thought I would.

Your pictures look amazing I can not wait till I get to that stage and start doing the field trips. Not really indoor subjects are they. I took a trip to the Jurrasic coast around Durdle Door collected some fossils and just enjoyed walking in the area. I had a book to help me understand what I was seeing but know that a tutor will be much more beneficial.

Thank's for my first comment hope not my last.


Rambler said...

It was definatly a shame about S194 but I am looking at it from the angle that all though I did not submit the ECA (which was partly completed!) I did do the work and learn from it. I have always had an interest in the stars and planets since my dad brought me a telescope when I was about ten, I think that I may well get round to some of the other astronomy based short courses or longer courses in time.

I am working towards the certificate in Contemporary Science too. Would be interested to hear what courses you have done so far. Over time I was going to go for Modelling the Climate, Life in the Oceans our blue planet, the practising science residential course and thinking about the new archeology: The Science of Investigation course starting in May.

SK183 definatly looks interesting, two thick text books to get sunk into. Once have done more then read the first chapter will let you know what it is like. But so far looks interesting. Was interested to learn about nutrician as you hear so much about what you should and should not eat and what is healthy for you thought I would find out a little so I could decide for myself. Also while I eat most things I have a husband who will not eat fruit, fish or veg. A real pain to feed sometimes. Maybe I can scare him into eating healthier with something I read in the text books, you never know!