Saturday, 25 August 2007

Tweaking Layout

If things are looking a bit odd it's because I'm playing with my layout!

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Rambler said...

Sorry I took so long to respond to your last comment have not been able to get online for a few days and when I could opening blogger was more then the connection could handle. We are back in the water and all is good now just tidying up so can go sailing after the next work trip. I have started the Human Nutritian course and am finding it fascinating. Loving everything I am reading about it. If you like when I finish the course i can lend you the books to read through so you can do the course just through books unofficially, or see if you want to do it properly and register on it. It is definatly a good course if you have any interest in what you eat and how it effects you. I do due to high diabetes in my family and a husband that eats nothing healthy. I hope to finish the course for the 31st of October submission.
I don't know if you found the page yet but above is the link to the Archeology short course. SA188.

I have yet to start the fossils will spend one week on one and one on the other. The nutrition course has a lot more reading to do. Good luck with the Leonardo course would love to hear how that course is as have looked at that one.