Saturday, 8 March 2008


OK. So I may as well spend this quiet time at work looking at my Leonardo stuff. It's a good time to go over the online forums and read some of the online tutorial stuff.

A few days ago I posted some queries about the second assignment. It confuses me and makes me miss the good old days of sensibly studying science (even the maths, at least you know when you're wrong). Logging on today I get a whole bunch of messages from some fellow student who writes like he's texting, but also seems full of the crappy arty blah* that they're all full of.

Now, is he having a go at science? I think he believes in philosophy above everything else, but I can't work out what he's trying to say to me.

Only an opinion. take on board what your saying about science.( I feel )dont know much about science perse , but I do believe that science does not have to be cut and dry . i believe you can use objective criteria, but you can enhance it with subjectivity. Your knowledge is a bonus i feel its just the way you use it. Objectivity does tend to exhaust itself (that is not a criticism) however there has to be a cut off point, and objectivity returns to subjectivity out of necessity. I think da vinci realised this bit too late, but he always had the ability.

Not trying too push any ideas on to you. you may find the above book [Phenomenology of Perception]interesting i find it relevant to notions of spacial awareness and ideas about reality and the way we may look at things. pretty heavy going but he is one person i would not even bother questioning. he is my genius he is called Mr Maurice merleau- ponty. bet u cant put that book down, but only a guess. its your choice. think u might get best grade somehow

I miss rocks. :*(

I also want Science. It works, Bitches. on an icon.

*what I was full of during my first degree and now can't find again.

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