Thursday, 6 March 2008

Course Rethinking

Just getting down some future course thoughts in light of the Astronomy Cert mentioned in last post.

Current choices for 2008/2009
A178 - Leonardo da Vinci (current)
AT272 - Ancient & Medieval Cities (May start, not signed up)
SA188 - Archaeology (September start)

This plan left August and the 'Winter Holiday' with no set courses and I had planned to use this time to self-study all those Geology books that I haven't worked through yet. Then:

S369 - Geological Record... (Feb 09 start)

Potential choices for 2008/2009
A178 - Leonardo da Vinci (current)
SA188 - Archaeology (May start - still time to sign earlier)
Life in the Universe & SETI (Manchester Uni course starts October)

This plan leaves me August and September to study the Geology books and fills in the whole of the 'Winter Holiday'. The Manchester Uni course runs for six months, so there would be some overlap at the end with S369.

EDIT: Looking at a different part of the Manchester site shows that the course actually runs October to May, so there's more overlap than I thought.

EDIT2: Although the sample pages look like a tricky combination of the course I quit last year and the evil Maths course that I've just taken!

EDIT3: It also looks as though it really is 100% online. So no books. Have to be in front of the screen all the time. Not sure I like that. I like being able to pick up my course texts and read them on the loo, and on the train, and in bed. I know I have Sarah Jane, but I'm not dragging her into the bathroom!

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