Monday, 14 April 2008

Is it 2009 yet?

I want to start S369. It's not that I dislike Leonardo himself, I just dislike the TMAs, my tutor, the conference, the fact that it isn't what I hoped it would be... I did spend a little time on the conferences today, hoping to glean some valuable insights for the TMA, but no. Just lots of people moaning the same complaints that I have. The ALs barely comment on the discussions. Bizarre when I think back to the Planets short course when they were all over the place, especially David "superstar" Rothery. Fuck the Arts.

Have decided not to bother with Ancient and Medieval Cities and today signed up to Archaeology: the Science of Investigation, which is a named course on the GeoScience degree. How bad can it be?

I have discovered OpenLearn though. That means I can look at part of SXR339s course text. Dodgy Arts course v Remnants of Archaean crust? No contest!

Suppose I should get the TMA done though. Meh.

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