Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Leonardo is all Over

Assignment... *insert Gordon Ramsey back hand slap* ...DONE!

However, as it's not due until Friday week I'm not going to send it off yet. There's a BBC4 program on tomorrow night called Inside the Medieval Mind, which may have a startling insight / useful bibliography-expanding quote that I could use. Perhaps something fresh will come to me as I stare out of train windows on Friday and Monday. It would be rather annoying to submit it and then have a moment of revalation. If nothing is revealed to me, then I'm happy to submit what I have and happily turn my back on him once and for all.

I'll have a couple of weeks then before Archaeology: The Science of Investiagtion starts (unless the books arrive early) and I can read some of those yummy Earth Sciencey books I have.

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